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Fireproof, Stone vein and wood grain series….

Standard Specification

1220mm x 2440mm x 3mm
1220mm x 2440mm x 4mm


1. Wall Curtain
2. Repaired Building
3. Dado, Separation Wall
4. Advertising Plate, Signage, Show Plate Form

Extremely strong stripping degree 

Filpanel Brand Aluminum plastic compound Panel has adopted new technology, which has raised the most important technical index-stripping strength of aluminum plastic compound panel to an optimal state to the flatness and weather resistant performance of aluminum plastic compound panel can be enhanced correspondingly.

Impact resistance

It is characterized by impact resistance, high tenacity, no damage of top finish during bending and strong impact resistance. It will notresult in damage in area with sand.

Super weatherability

As PDVF Fluorocarbon paint with KYNAR-500 as base material enjoy unique advantage in weatherability, the attractive appearance will be free of damage whether under ferment sunlight or frigid snow storm .It can last for 20 years without fading. 

Easy material processing

Filpanel Brand aluminum plastic compound panel is only 3.5-5.5kg per square meter, so it can alleviate the damage caused by earthquake and is easy for handling. With favorable construction property, the cutting, shearing, edge planning and bending into arc and right angle can be implemented by woodworking tools. Under the coordination of designers, it can be made into different

Uniform coating and multiple colors

The formation treatment and Hankel coating technology application will ensure uniform attachment between paint and aluminum plastic panel. The multiple colors will make you with more choice and show your individuation.

Excellent Fire-proof performance 

For aluminum plastic compound panel, the interlayer  is flame-retardant material PE plastic core and both sides are aluminum layer, which is quite difficult to burn, therefore, it is a kind of safe fire-proof material, which complies with fire-resistant requirement of building rules.

Easy Maintenance

Filpanel brand aluminum plastic compound panel has been obviously improved in pollutin resistance. Since the pollution in our cities is serious, it needs maintenance and cleaning after some years. Thanks to its self-cleaning property, it can be cleaned with neutral cleaning agent and clean water. After cleaning, it will make the plate clean as when it is new.   

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Alluminum Composite Panel

 ​other colors/design available upon further request



ASTM D165a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D696a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D648-01 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D976a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM C393a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D732a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D903a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E413a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D732a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D790a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D638-02 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D790-02 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D903 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E84a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E84a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E330a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E331a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM E283a GB/T17748-2008
ISO 2360 (CNS 84) GB/T 17748-2008
ASTM D532-89 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D3363-74 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D4145-83 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D3359-87a GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2794 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D968-81 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2605-90 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2247-87 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D3359-B GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D117-94 GB/T17748-2008 5% NaCL, 35oC
AAMA 2605-91, TEST #7,7.31 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2248-73 GB/T17748-1999, ECCA T5 & NCCA NO. 11-18 GBT17748-2008
ASTM D1308-87 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2244-87, (85) GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D4214-89 GB/T17748-2008
ASTM D2244-85 GB/T17748-2008

No abnormality
1.98x10⁻⁵ ⁰C - 1
117 ⁰C
0.102 Kcal/
14.0 x 105 kg/mm2
1.650 kgf
0.78 kg/mm
25 db
4055 kg/mm2
2.6 kgf/mm2
(LO)45mm, (PO) 70mm
49.6 Mpa
108 Mpa
10.7 N/mm
Class B1
<  45
surface color no changed after 1000 times clean (passed)
29 um
2T no rift
No crack after 60
64.5 L/mil
24 hrs pat test exceed
3000 hr no blister
surface no change 20 cycle in -40 ⁰C - 80 ⁰C
surface no unchanged boiling for 2hrs. (passed)
3000 hr no blister (passed)
surface color unchanged with 5% HCL (v/v) for 48 hrs.  (passed)
bottom unrevealed after clean 100 times with butannone (passed)
surface color unchanged with 5% NaOH (mpm) for 48 hrs.  (passed)
No chalk

Outdoor temperature Resistance
Thermal Expansion
Deflection temperature under heat
Thermal Conduction
Flexural Rigidity
Impact Resistance
Adhesive strength
Sound-insulating rate
Shear Resistance
Minimun bending radius
Tensile strength
Flexural Strength
180⁰ peel Strength
Fire Propagation
Smoke developed
Wind-pressure resistance
Properties against water
Properties against air
Finish coat thickness
Pencil hardness
Toughness of coating
Adhesive Force
Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Mortar Resistance
Humidity Resistance
Resistance to change of Temperature
Boil-water resistance
Salt-spray Resistance
Acid Resistance
Solvent Resistance
Alkali Resistance
Color Retention
Chalk Resistance
Gloss Retention